Bangers & Crash Percussion Group

Thursday Oct 3rd 2019 • 7:30 pm | The Large Room • City Hall

    Alex Petcu percussion
    Emma King percussion
    Brian Dungan, percussion
W. F. Watt Memorial Concert
Bangers and Crash Percussion Group
Cork-born percussionist Alex Petcu has put together a concert with a difference, collaborating with two other young and energetic virtuosos to cook up a menu of new music which will tickle tastebuds and defy expectations. Their appetite for exploring rhythmic influences from around the world – Flamenco, Afro-Cuban, Javanese gamelan – is healthy, hearty and irrepressible.

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    Tim Ouderits & Tom Ouderits:


    Alyssa Weinberg

    Table Talk

    Elliot Cole

    Postlude No 8

    Philip Glass

    Madeira River

    Steve Reich

    Nagoya Marimbas

    Steve Snowden

    A Man with a Gun Lives Here

    Alex Petcu

    New Music Network Commission

    Thierry de Mey

    Musique de Table

    Gene Koshinski

    And So the Wind Blew