Two hundred years of Piano Music

Friday Nov 1st 2019 • 7:30 pm | The Large Room • City Hall

    Finghin Collins piano
Heinz Pollmeier Memorial Concert
Finghin Collins

Photo of Finghin Collins • Frances Marshall

Finghin Collins is one of Waterford Music’s favourite musicians and we welcome him back to commemorate his winning the Clara Haskil International Piano Competition in Switzerland in 1999. Collins reprises two important piano sonatas – Mozart’s ‘Alla Turca’, c. 1783 and one of Schubert’s famous three last sonatas written in 1828. He intersperses these with two short pieces he has been instrumental in commissioning for the New Ross Piano Festival, one each by Marian Ingoldsby and Philip Martin.

To learn more about Finghin Collins visit Finghin's website

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    Sonata in A major ‘Alla Turca’

    Philip Martin

    Ros Tapestry Suite No. 11b

    Marian Ingoldsby

    Ros Tapestry Suite No. 14


    Sonata in A major, D. 959